SIU Central is a full service investigative company specializing in mitigating Workers' Compensation, Liability, and Disability Insurance fraud in the states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Established in late 2004, the company was created with a vision to conduct proactive investigations that would help employers and insurance claims professionals to significantly reduce the cost associated with fraudulent claims. The SIU CENTRAL Investigative Team is available 24-hours a day and ready to tackle the most challenging claims. With collectively over 30 years of experience, Our Investigative staff is composed of Insurance Investigators who have first-hand knowledge and exposure to the daily challenges faced by Professional State Licensed Adjusters. With cases resulting in multiple fraud convictions, our Investigators have the benefit of understanding the needs of the State Fraud Division and maintain the ability to extract important money saving information the first time around.

Our mission is to always put our customer's priorities first by establishing a long term partnership with our clients. This means truly listening to what your Investigative needs are, working together to formulate the most effective solution and delivering successful outcomes on your claims. At SIU Central, we realize that time equals money. Therefore, our investigators work closely with our customer service representatives to ensure you are receiving personal communication on each claim which allows you to make the most cost effective decisions possible in a timely manner. Coupled with the claims knowledge and investigative experience of our Investigators, SIU Central's commitment to impress and deliver is second to no other investigative company in the industry.

At SIU Central, we not only value our clients but also appreciate and respect our employees. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a professional, passionate and fun work environment that encourages continuing education, training, and promotion from within. SIU Central conducts quarterly meetings designed to refine investigative techniques, share the latest industry news, and promote team building skills. SIU Central understands that happy employees produce outstanding service, which ultimately affects the quality of your investigations.

Want successful outcomes on your claims investigations? As with most claims, new scenarios are presented to the State Licensed Adjusters on a daily basis. In an effort to maintain a Proactive Approach to file handling, the SIU Central Team offers FREE File Reviews to assist in developing the appropriate investigative course of action.